Kit Supa Gro 100% (Scelto da Zamnesia) 1200ml


Supa Gro è conosciuta per la pregiata qualità dei suoi kit di coltivazione. Siamo oggi orgogliosi di poterli offrire a tutti i nostri clienti! Volete sapere dove procurarvene uno? Ebbene, ve ne invieremo uno scelto a caso... Si tratta di un appuntamento al buio con un compagno psichedelico che vi farà viaggiare nelle profondità della vostra anima!

39,96 tasse incl.

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    really works , just started micro dosing live changing product,I'll be back for more ... ;-)))


    Zamnesia's Choice kit
    Lovet how they handle customers they send best choises and everything works perfect !


    Great service, shame about the product.
    Well, what can I say, I sent cash off to them, they sent the original product, a supagro standard Golden Teacher grow box, it grew one flush of about twenty mushrooms then about ten more mushrooms on second flush, then really nothing. I grew them using a propagation mat, temperature was good etc. I have an electric dehydrator, so in they went at 45c for 24hrs and they were lovely and cracker dry. I ground them and popped them in the lemon-tek method advised on this site, and it was...underwhelming to say the least. Out of the whole kit I got about 30grams dried, and only managed a mildly amusing trip once when I took 5g dried in a cup of tea. Now, I know what tripping is and these were just really boring and really just made me very mellow with mild visuals, I could achieve the same effect with half a bottle of Calpol. So, I wrote to Zamnesia and they could not have been nicer, great communication and after I explained everything they sent me a supagro box of Panamanian strain, apparently a 'seriously strong strain'. Well, they might be, but as the first flush produced only nine mushrooms, the second flush a pitiful three, I figured it was time to give up. My partner took the Panamanians and said they were quite effective, but as we only had about 2 dried grams they weren't really worth sharing so I never found out. I really wanted their product to work as the staff were great and the website is very informative and well set out, but if you have two chances to get the product right and fail both times (by quite a distance both times) then I'm sorry, but for all the pleasantries this site now just feels like a con job. I know how many trips I can get for 50 quid, and it's an awful lot more than these pretty rubbish boxes produce. Sorry guys, crap product and won't be back, really disappointed, a lot of time, money and effort for about as many trips as a tenner would get me from a dealer. My advice to anyone reading this? Find a friendly dealer and buy some tabs, lot more reliable, lots cheaper and far less hassle.


    Superior Quality
    Got 3 diffrents kits all came out beautifully 5+ flushes harvested alltogether around 200g dry crazy lasted all sumer Thank u zamnesia will be back

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    Received Panama exciting box, it's actually at the second run of drying fruits, a four stars product should become five if it was full flushing and greater visual effects


    Fast delivery. Very good customer support. We had a little misunderstanding about product and they kindly shipped another kit for free! Definitely will be buying soon again. And must say quality is very good. Strong and amazing effect.


    Would recommend, but...
    Great service as always, even send me some extra seed. When it comes to supergrow: i have had some great results with these, although nature is unpredictable. By that i mean, they do come with mold from time to time, and you gotta keep an eye out for contamination. I am not sure whether hey go moldy more often than the competitors, but i would all in all recommend. I bought 5 packs this time around, and one of them smelled bad when it arrived and got a huge blue spot shortly after. I managed to separate it it time though. Tl;DR: a great product, but expect them to go the wrong way from time to time


    Great growkit
    First flush of Brazil strain was around 200 grams of fresh shrooms. Great trips.


    Zamnesia had ran out of stock of their supa grow growkits so we thought we would get a double of what we had already ordered (it was buy 2 get 1 free). They actually waited and gave us another random from their stocks which we are very happy about. It was the thick dicks, it’s been five months and they haven’t grown yet but we are still hopeful

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Video (2)
  • Video: Tappetino Riscaldante Mushroom di Zamnesia
    Tappetino Riscaldante Mushroom di Zamnesia

    Progettato per mantenere il vostro kit di coltivazione di funghi magici alla temperatura ottimale, questo tappetino elettronico riscaldante contribuisce a garantire buoni risultati di crescita. Qui ci sono le nozioni fondamentali sul suo utilizzo, e un confronto rispetto alle coltivazioni di funghi che non utilizzano tappetini riscaldanti.

  • Video: Come Preparare Il Kit Di Coltivazione Per Funghi Magici Della Supa Gro
    Come Preparare Il Kit Di Coltivazione Per Funghi Magici Della Supa Gro

    Vi mostriamo come usare il kit di coltivazione per funghi magici della Supa Gro. Le panette di substrato Supa Gro contengono micelio puro al 100% che vi consentirà di raccogliere più getti consecutivi di funghi della varietà cubensis. Con questi kit potrete facilmente ottenere un massimo di sei getti consecutivi e circa 600-900 grammi per getto. Dovrete solo lavarvi le mani o indossare dei guanti, spruzzare acqua e trovare un posto idoneo alla loro crescita. Coltivare questo divertente fungo allucinogeno è facile come dire un due tre.

Kit Supa Gro 100% (Scelto da Zamnesia) 1200ml
Kit Supa Gro 100% (Scelto da Zamnesia) 1200ml
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