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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Hawaiian'

 4.5/5 (218)

    Vraiment de bonne sensation au bout de 1 heure de digestions (rire, léger effet visuel sur le mur) un champ de 4/5cm suffit pour être vu entre et bon rendement sauf quil y a eu quelques taches verte et bleu de moisissures


    Super supa grow
    I received this kit and it gave me big satisfactions. After 6-7 days I started to see the pins, of course spraying water everyday. Be careful to don't spray if there's enough water yet in the bag. Total: 2 flushes 300gr fresh :D thank you guys for your help.


    Bonne récolte, super effet, toujours contente des kits zamnesia J'avais reçu un kit déjà contaminé (il sentait très fort et tout pourri au bout d'une semaine) mais on m'en a renvoyé un autre quand j'ai expliqué mon problème, super sav !!


    Super easy
    Just harvested first time, it gave 165,8 grams of fresh mushrooms, looking good, but haven't tried them yet. Looking forward :)


    Sav au top !!
    J'ai reçu rapidement mon kit et lancé la culture. Malheureusement mon kit a un peu mal tourné mais Zamnesia à été très réactif, m'a conseillé et m'a renvoyé un autre kit gratuitement. Merci encore zamnesia !


    Nice shrooms, little mycelium, small yields.
    We were very happy with the website and ordering process, which was easy and user friendly. We received the parcel quickly and in perfect condition. Opening the box I noticed there wasn't much mycelium, I assumed this would change once I started the growing process. It did not. The kit was kept at a perfect 23 degrees and instructions were followed to the letter, however I only managed to get 4 flushes, all of which only produced 7 mushrooms each. The mushrooms themselves can't be knocked.


    Très bien
    Un peu de temps avant de démarrer, mais une fois que c'est parti on ne les arrête plus ! Les flushes sont très productifs, c'est parfait. Beaucoup mieux que les albinos que j'avais commandé avec et qui ne sont jamais sortis...


    No problemo
    ...and a nice product, too ;)


    Great :)
    Fast, descret delivery, very big 1st flush :)


    I love the hawaii feeling, and so does everybody else. This is a mushrooms with a profile of its own. THE GROOVY ONE..! I have met a lot of trippers who for example dont like the northern magic mushroom psilocybe semilanceate or a more normal strain like B+ because their visuals and body highs is too intense and hard to feel like you have any type of control over. Which often leads to anxiety (however, some poeple enjoy anxiety on and mushroom trip. They are magic... believe me). With the hawaii mushroom you are going to have a grat time anyway, lots of fun! ( but always be careful ). The kits are nice. I got between 5 to 20 grams per flush. i think it better to learn how to do it yourself, that is a gift for life.

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