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Durban Poison (Dutch Passion) femminizzata

 4.5/5 (14)

    Pas satisfait !
    Sur 3 graines 2 sont des hermaphrodite.. déçu de Dutch Passion


    simply perfect
    wonderful product!.


    Very good
    Its amazing plant Durban poison and its explain everything :)))


    Top Service
    Superschnell gekeimt und schnell gewachsen. Tolle Pflanze die hoffentlich auch eine gute Ernte abgibt.


    starke pflanzen
    haben sich nach der keimung rasant entwickelt, sind starke pflanzen haben erste woche dürre (outdoor) sehr gut überstanden.


    Bushy DP
    They are growing very nice and are still healthy!!!


    DP: one of my favorites. Very inspiring 


    Fein fein
    Nach einem durchwachsenen Sommer schenkten uns drei Pflanzen einen guten Ertrag und es ist super angenehm mal wieder was klassisches im Haus zu haben. Kann sie nur empfehlen da sie nicht so kopfplatt macht


    "jusque là tout va bien"
    It's still the beginning but till now everything ok: they even survived a cat attack: she believed it was cat's toilets and destroyed everything, but we managed to find the seeds, except one, but still, 3 of them came to life. Just have to wait now. Can't tell then about the final result.


    No Panic! Keine Panik...
    Sehr schöne Pflanze, mit schwarzen Buds! Total entspannend und völlig ohne Kopfkino! Neben Gorilla Glue, mein absoluter Liebling, in dieser Saison!


    Durban Poison seeds review
    As the description given above states, and the comments of other reviewers have stated this is indeed an extremely tasty and satisfying smoke! Once again, thanks to the good people at Zamnesia for providing this wonderful product!


    Taste + high winner
    This strain has the most sativa high without any couch-lock indica effects, bringing instant creative brain storms. It is one of the tastiest strains: there are sweet aromas resembling liquor or maybe even longdrinks. It is also very smooth on the throat, no coughing at all. This is a definitive winner and may be my most beloved strain so far! The only downside was relative slim buds, so yield could have been higher.


    Very Tasty
    Tried this one last year Total success! Much weed and good high.

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