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Peyote (Lophophora williamsii)

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    SO COOL!
    Wanted some of these little guys for so long! Gutted my initial order got lost in the post but Zamnesia didn't hesitate to send new ones which just arrived safe (And really well packed!). So stoked to have these in my collection! May have to pick up some more while they're in stock!


    1.A Lieferung
    Mein kaktus kam in 3 tagen in exzellenten zustand an! Was will man mehr!


    The cactus arrived well packed, undamaged in a little plastic flower pot filled with stony earth. Because growth is extreme slow with this species, it is still there, as it was, when it was send, but not rotten or withered.. In accordance with the very useful caring instruction, I will no water the plant over winter, or nearly no water.


    cute little buttons
    i ordered 2 of these cuties, they arrived to the UK pretty fast, safe and sound. Well packed, with plenty of gifts and catalogues. I gave them one shot of the cacti nutrient, they growing like crazy! :) Lovely low maintenance buddies if you ask me.


    schlecht verpackt und Kaktus zu klein für den Preis.
    Der Kaktus war sehr schlecht verpackt. Einfach nur mit Folie lieblos eingewickelt und gequetscht. Der Kaktus war auch für den Preis viel zu klein :-( zu teuer und zu schlecht verpackt.


    Le"youpi" du titre, c'est parceque rien n'est comparable à la mescaline, mais, et c'est bien précisé, si c'est la première fois mieux vaut être accompagné, c'est un voyage vraiment !.... Alors, amusez-vous bien, mais prenez soin de vous.


    Peyote prinsje
    Ik heb een prachtige kleine Peyote van 2 cm. ontvangen die me gelijk deed denken aan een kroontje. Vandaar "prinsje". Zo klein als hij is, staat hij te pronken tussen mijn 19 andere cactussen.




    schöner Kaktus
    ich hab den mit 2-3 cm größe bestellt, kam sehr gut verpackt an. leider muss ich noch üben was kaktus zucht angeht, hab ihn zu viel gegoßen und bekam dan schnell wurzelfäule. Hab dan einen Tee damit gemacht und ja, war ein angenehmes high.


    Still going strong
    Came in perfect condition and after a month it's still alive. Can't wait to see it (slowly) grow up!


    2-3 cm Baby
    4 months later Peyote is still happy, growing and strong :) came well packaged and in OK condition


    Works like a charm. Even grew a flower within days of arrival


    lophophora williams
    Grandiosa diarrea, per il resto è più efficace l'aspirina; che si tratti di peyote light?


    Beautiful in every way
    Perfect gift for your mom or grandma to take good care of it.


    Baby peyote
    Arrived in perfect conditions, beautiful baby cactus, doing really good, Zamnesia cactus nutrient is all you need for this baby to grow fast!


    Great buy !
    Arrived with flower and already harvested 2 fruits with seeds , now i have small peyotes growing from these seeds :)


    Spedizione perfetta
    Il pacco è arrivato velocemente, anonimo ed in perfette condizioni. Le piantine sono ben imballate, ognuna è avvolta da pellicola trasparente perché non perda il terriccio durante il viaggio. Sembrano bene in salute, ora tocca a me :)


    The package arrived in a couple of days, packed really good and the cacti is in excellent shape!


    The cactus arrived in perfect condition within a few days. I was really impressed with how carefully it was packed. I re-potted it and it's doing really well. Already flowered twice. Cannot recommend Zamnesia enough.


    Très mignon
    Bien emballé. Dommage, le livreur ne me trouvait pas et le colis a été renvoyé malgré toutes les infos données sur mon adresse. Très mignon cactus, maintenant, j'attends qu'il grandisse, et le voir fleurir. Dans combien de tant? Vu que je l'ai pris bébé, j'en ai pour un moment.


    arrivé en parfait état.
    Le catus est arrivé en parfait état, je l'ai mesuré au vernier et il avait un diamètre d'exactement 2 cm. le petit est actuellement rempoté et je ne pourrais donc rien donner comme info quand à ces effets avant un bon moment. Vu son état à son arrivée chez moi, je n'hésiterais pas à en recommander prochainement chez zamnesia.


    Cool little baby
    I was a bit afraid when I saw it coming, but it made a sweet little flower after a few days. Nice little cactus. Thank you Zamnesia


    Just perfect!
    Nice little baby, just as I thought, received in great condition!


    Baby cactus
    Actually I just get it for my cactus garden. It arrived fine and the cactus is doing nice.


    Las plantas llegaron en plazo y en perfectas condiciones a Madrid (España). Un mes despues siguen sanas y creciendo.


    After 3 weeks I wattered it fully and let on radiator heater for a few hours. Now it looks and feels more healthy. It was difficult to find wattering advice for me so I just touched the tip of cacti and before wattering it was a bit soft but now it is not so gummy so I believe I did good :D Unfortunatelly, I have the smaller one which is not enough to get me trippy as I realized too late. Maybe I will cut it and try to multiply it using other cactus or just dry it out and eat it with Caapi 30x, but I will firstly look it up on discussion forums, maybe those two does not go well together, further research is needed for me.


    Mooi plantje
    Goed aangekomen


    Bien emballés, ils grandissent et se portent bien


    Peyote Fantastici
    Ho ordinato due piccoli Peyote e sono arrivati davvero presto (considerando che partono da Amsterdam), ovviamente imballati in modo impeccabile e dall'aspetto sano. Arrivano in piccoli vasetti e nel terriccio vi sono anche delle piccole sfere che contengono un po di nutrimento. Ho spostato i due peyote in vasi più grandi e hanno resistito benissimo al travaso, che dire.. Super Zamnesia!!!


    Petit cactus reçu rapidement, Très rare de trouvé sa e France, Profité en vite avant que cela change...


    Loving their new home. Shipped well


    arrived quickly and in great condition.


    Baby Mescaline
    My little guy, or girl came recently in its starting pot. Had by my window for a couple weeks as the Scottish Spring weather has come into full swing and I’ve already noticed growth in terms of the cacti’s features becoming more prominent. Excited to grow this into a mature catcus!


    Beau plant pour la collection
    Je trouve que c'est légèrement cher pour un petit, mais c'est bien pour la collection et son histoire, il est beau le petit bébé !


    Nice one
    I like it


    Petit mais costaud
    Bien reçu mon cactus. Ne reste qu'un peu de patience our le voir grandir !


    petits boutons
    J'ai reçu rapidement mes deux cactus. Ils sont arrivés en bonne santé, je recommande ce produit.


    Peyolts en excellente santé!!
    Les Peyolts envoyés sont très petits 1cm à peine de diamètre mais sont en excellente santé ce qui est le plus important!! J'attends mes San pédro qui arriveront demain normalement. Parfait pour ma collection tout ça!! Zamnésia est le site de vente de psychotropes le plus fiable et le plus sérieux!! Dépasse de très loin Shayana et leurs produits souvent périmés, pourris, moisis ou autre pour gratter quelques euros! rien de tout cela avec Zamnésia pour l'instant!!


    En realidad cuando lo ví me desilusioné un poco, porque es súper súper pequeño pero bueno ahí está, ahora a esperar un par de años


    Arrived neatly wrapped and they are growing Well!


    Bien arrivé, un petit bébé plein de vie. Merci zamnesia


    Fast and in good condition
    Package arrived in three days, cactus looks really healthy (and my shroom boxes were nicely colonized) Thanks for the good work !


    They came in a bit late but i dont blame Zamnesia. I ordered 2x(2-3cm) and both were 2,2 cm wide. One Cactus was very badly watered the other one was perfect. Now both of them have been put into another pot with special nutrients and they seem to love it. Now I have another nice cactus added to my collection.


    Très déçu!
    Aucun effet! J'ai pourtant regardez comment les amérindiens consomment le Peyotl et j'ai procédé de la même manière qu'eux, j'avais acheté 8 peyotl, mais je n'ai strictement ressenti aucun effet en les consommant! Très déçu... Pourtant d'autres produits que j'ai achetés chez Zamnesia étaient eux de qualité... Mais là, je ne vois aucun intérêt à ce produit.


    it seems like to have a dog or cat at home, always with you


    Encomendei um peyote de tamanho (1-2cm) em 2018. Atualmente o peyote tem 6cm, procriou e tem 3 bebes em redor!! É preciso cuidado com a agua mas também com o excesso de sol! O meu pequeninho ia morrendo mas consegui regenerar-se ... deixem a terra secar toda entre as regas! evitar muita exposição ao sol escaldante qdo os catos são pequenos! Eles são extremamente sensíveis aos raios UV, para aguentarem tal exposição têm de cresce mais um pouco ate conseguirem ter um pele resistente... o cato é feito à base de agua, se aquece demais, cosinha por dentro e acaba por morrer de insolação.. Para quem o sabe consumir é uma bela de uma senhora Viagem!! Recomendo!! Chegou sem stress!


    Hatte zwei kleine Exemplare erhalten. Eines davon ist nicht ganz in einwandfreiem Zustand. Aber alles in Allem...Top!!


    Se fué a la puta
    lo puse cerca de la ventana y se convirtio en algo viscoso....los hongos


    Very good
    I'm very happy, my lophophora has arrived very well packaged and seems very healthy, no sign of damages of any kind, everything perfect, ty zamnesia, you're the best.


    J'ai dû prendre un des derniers du stock, je le laisse tranquille et il va grossir, grossir et on pourra le partager la. note que j'attribue est induite par les espoirs que je projette sur cette petite boule verte

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