Scatola di legno con setaccio


Questa scatola, suddivisa in tre parti e con setaccio a maglia metallica, vi consentirà di raccogliere il kief di vostra produzione nella parte inferiore, in coincidenza di una lastra di vetro marrone rimovibile. Entrambe le parti, superiore ed inferiore, sono chiuse magneticamente, garantendo una perfetta chiusura. Dimensioni: 14cm x 9cm x 6,5cm

16,75 tasse incl.
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Recensioni (22)

    Mooi doosje
    Mooi en stevig, Laat voor mij iets te veel plant door


    not recomend .
    Hello im thinking will be a nice clean kief but no , its really with much green kief ... niet goed at all .. sorry but i not recomend .


    Tolles Teil
    Kleine, handliche 3teilige Siebbox. Macht was sie soll, sammelt gut kief.


    Shaker box
    Cette boîte t'amiseras vos herbes sans effort en y mettant une petite pièce de monnaie, Cependant si vous voulez raffiné votre kief, j'aurais besoin de deux autres tamis avec des mailles différentes.


    great skaff sifter
    easy usage. half star less because magnets are somethimes not strong enough when i shake the box. so if i "slash" against the box with one hand i sometimes move the upper case a little bit, but never the lower case- otherwise that wouls have cost more stars cut.. ;) the filtered skaff is great, always use that as my working area when trimming buds. i also grind the sugary leafs and shake them in the box, have a lot skaff gotten out of the plant leafs ! i will make that every time i prune buds.. combination with a pollen press is totally recommened! it is a little investment for the outcome! the money for these products and the extra time pays of the first time you use some on the skaff in your (hopefully pure) joint ! tastes sooo much better and smokes sooo smooth! love it ! i am interessted in buying a bigger box!


    Over het algemeen
    Doet wat het moet doen zeer tevreden, ik vraag me af welke houtsoort en of het behandelt hout is? Glazen plaatje zit bij mij ook goed vast.. is niet zo gemakkelijk uitneembaar mss maar goed... Mvg !k


    PErfekt für Kief
    Sammelt sehr gut Kief von Grünzeug, Candy leaves, Verschnitt und Blüten!


    It works great. Thought the box would be bigger but that was my bad for not checking dimensions. Nice product and quality built. Happy sifting folks


    Pima zeef
    Handige box.. zeeft goed maar laat wel iets plantenmateriaal door.. voor mij geen probleem omdat ik er olie van maak, dus wel nog oplos in ( dure) alcohol waar je aanzienlijk minder van nodig hebt nu..


    Good box
    The box is good , IT gives you the fine THC crystals

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Domande (1)
Uwe 2015-12-08 12:51:54

Wie breit ist die maschenweite?


Our Wooden Sifter Box measures approximately L 14cm x W 9cm x H 6.5cm. The mesh measures approximately L 12cm x 7cm and sits 2.5cm from the top of the box (not taking the lid into account).

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Scatola di legno con setaccio
Scatola di legno con setaccio
Scatola di legno con setaccio
Scatola di legno con setaccio
Scatola di legno con setaccio
Scatola di legno con setaccio