Banisteriopsis caapi (50 grams)


La Banisteriopsis caapi è una liana sacra della giungla amazzonica. I componenti attivi di questa liana sono la Armina e la Armalina. La Zamnesia ha sminuzzato per voi la Banisteriopsis caapi. Disponibile in confezioni da 50g.

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Recensioni (60)

    Seguito passo,passo i consigli di cottura ed il risultato è stato favoloso! Zamnesia for ever!!!


    Pas encore testé mais rapide!!
    Pas encore testé mais la livraison est hyper efficace et discrete.


    Aucun soucis de mon côté pour ma première préparation, le trip à été dur mais réparateur !


    Bon à fumer
    Super plante a fumer avec du tabac. le bon mélange pour faire de l'ayahuasca : Chacruna / Chaliponga / Banisteriopsis Très bon mélange à fumer aussi tout les jours comme des cigarettes les novices commencer à tester un le soir pour voir les effet de l'éveil spirituel par les plantes.


    I purchased 50 g of this product along with 50g of Chacruna Psychotria viridis to prepare some ayahuasca brew. After drinking it, I didn't experience anything besides throwing up. Some ayahuasca brewers advise to follow a 2 to 1 ratio: 2 doses of Banisteriopsis Caapi for 1 of Chacruna. If I were to order these again, I would definitely take that into account.


    Micro lumière
    Donne force , reduit les douleurs chroniques et seule , apporte la lumière dans le rêve avec couleurs .


    Réellement sacrée !
    La préparation du caapi est longue , Le breuvage obtenu se boit facilement , 50g mon suffit à atteindre la trance et couplé à une extraction aqueuse de Mimosa Hostilis un état chamanique charger en vision géométrique .


    Schnelle und sichere Lieferung
    Super schnelle Lieferung mit Absender in Deutschland.


    Notes about my first journey
    I used 50g of shredded banisteriopsis caapi ourinhos vine and 50g of chacruna leaves (“the light”). I could not find for sale anywhere in the UK the “distilled white vinegar” mentioned in online fora. Malt vinegar is widely available, but it’s not reported as safe or unsafe, so I did not take the risk. I covered the plant material in still mountain spring water with 1 tablespoon of organic white vinegar per litre. White vinegar doesn’t contain the dangerous thyramine. At 8:30 I started simmering them on the electric hob in 2 separate steel pots with lids on to save water and electricity, stirring occasionally. Only after the first 3-hour stage I read online that one should never use a lid, as the amount of extracted alkaloids in the brew relies on a constant renewal of the solvent mass, water in this case. For optimal extraction, it is important to let water evaporate from the pots and top up as needed. This means that no lid should be used and the brews should be kept bubbling lightly all through the nine+ hours. Energy efficiency takes a back seat here. Weight being equivalent, the shredded vine has lower volume than the whole light leaves, so I used an 18cm diameter pot for the vine and a larger pot for the leaves. The former consumed 1L of water per 90 minutes of simmering while the latter consumed 1,5L, owing to the larger evaporation surface. By the beginning of stage 2 the 5L spring water I purchased had already gone up in steam, so I had to resort to tap water. Total water usage by the end of the 9 hours was 6L for the vine and 9L for the light. At 7pm, after about 10 hour of work at the hob, I ended up with about 100ml+100ml of brew in 2 separate glass jars. After letting them cool down I stored them overnight in the fridge. After a night sitting in the fridge, both brews (reduced to around 100ml each) had a dark layer of sediment at the bottom. I warmed them up by bain marie in a cooking pot and set the stage for the trip. At 8:50 in the morning I started to drink the vine brew, sip by sip for about 15 minutes. I also had one nibble of fresh ginger root to try and help with the nausea. The brews have a foul taste, but not unbearable. The organic white wine vinegar I added to acidify the water may have worsened the taste, but worst still, may have increased the chance of purging. After the vine was all drunk I started to drink the admixture, also slowly. After I was finished, the drunk-like dizziness became apparent and growing in strength. I nibbled more ginger root while practising strict economy of motion, but at around 9:30 I had to fight the first strong urge to purge, by focussing on deep breathing with mouth open (with hindsight, that was probably a mistake, breathe in through the nose only, otherwise the aerophagy may increase the chance of purging). I was truly close to puking (I felt the stuff coming up my throat) and somehow managed to heroically keep it down. A combination of willpower and luck, I reckon. Owing to the strong dizziness, it's less risky and more rewarding to keep the eyes closed. Visuals appeared only with eyes closed but were not very vivid or colourful. During the first part of the trip I used online icaros as a soft background music to ease myself into the trip, but then I switched music off and focused on the experience. After winning the purge I felt safe and began following the ever changing visions. The onset of visuals started after about 50 minutes. I felt I was in a state of life review that unfolded through visuals (no spoken words), but there was no clear or coherent message or teaching. All the visions were rather short and morphing into something else. I found myself smiling often, maybe in the attempt to chase away the occasional unpleasant or ugly visual/demon. With the avoided puke behind me, I felt safe and willing to continue, but “la purga” ambushed me viciously about 90 minutes into the trip. I was immersed in the visions with my guard down and was not expecting it at all. The urge got hold of me out of the blue in a matter of seconds, while I was perfectly still with my eyes shut, laying on the pillow backrest. By the time I realised what was happening I was already offloading all the precious brew into the bucket next to me. No food was expelled, only the liquids and the ginger bits. I was shocked, but not angry or resentful. After the nasty purge, the trip continued for a couple more hours, noticeably losing intensity until I was left to ponder the experience laying in bed for a couple more hours. Interestingly, I did not fall asleep, despite being a bit tired and still drowsy and hungry. After the purge, I had an apple and, around 14:30, I cooked some safe vegan food. By then the dizziness was gone. The experience left me with many more questions than answers.


    very nice

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Banisteriopsis caapi (50 grams)
Banisteriopsis caapi (50 grams)