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Estratto di Blue Lotus 20x (1 grammo)

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    Smoking/vaping gave me no effect whatsoever, even in combination with CBD or THC weed. So i tried to soak ~1g of 20x extract in a bottle of wine for a week. Waking up next morning after drinking that wine i felt NO HANGOVER at all. Weird stuff. I don't see any useful application of it for me. If you looking for relaxation/aphrodisiac, then go for Turnera afrodisiaca tea, for vivid dreams - Calea Zacatechichi extract tea in a middle of a night.


    nice experience
    Very versatile extract, you can use it in different ways. Mix it with hot (not boiling) water for a special tea, or even enhance your liquor of choice! I tried mixing blue lotus and kratom with a double vodka shot, it was all I needed to improve my mood for the night.


    Il faut essayer
    Par rapport aux recommandation. Je prends le gramme et je le mets dans une bouteille de vin que je laisse pendant une semaine avant de consommer. Bien sur un vin basique. l'effet aphrodisiaque est là. En revanche j'augmente la dose recommandée pour avoir de l'effet. Sur que le viagra est moins cher, mais ce n'est pas du tout la mm chose.


    Subtiel maar uitgesproken!
    Ik zou het effect beschrijven als een milde sativa high met euforische gevoelens, dit alles heel subtiel maar een hele leuke toevoeging aan een fles wijn!


    Excellent as aphrodisiac and lucid dreaming
    Great product, combine with sex-e for enhanced aphrodisiac effect or with valerian for lucid dreaming


    As tea, I got sleepy, with vine the vine kicked harder


    Je pense mal utilisé
    Pas fonctionné j’ai du mal doser et utiliser. A retenter. Sinon satisfait des achats à zamnesia et la qualité des produits. Zamnesia top


    Produit testé
    Bon produit , à consommer avec modération !


    best therapy


    la première fois j'étais bien, euphorique et détendu. puis les autres fois ont été plus légère un peu cher pour le résulta.


    Efecto basico
    Esperaba un mejor efecto según lo que lei en la descripción, pero al final no me causo nada, diría que el vino me hizo mas efecto que el lotus, no lo volveré a comprar.


    j'ais but avec ma femme une tasse 0.50 mg par tasse vraiment un léger effet relaxant pour le prix sa fait chère , il faudrait limite boire du x100 pour un effet plus puissant .


    a recommander
    au premier essai, j'ai mélangé 0,25 gr dans du vin: effet minime. deuxième un peu plus tard, idem. il (me) faut une dose de 0,5, le reste du sachet et là, une belle sensation de bien être paisible.


    Me preparé una infusión hacia el final del día para relajarme, medité un poco y dormí de maravilla. Lo recomiendo como alternativa a otras sustancias y para momentos puntuales. Muy chill.


    Muy bueno
    Tiene un efecto muy afrodisiaco mezclado con vino, hay que dejarlo unas horas macerando.


    It works very well to relax, 1gr is only a few thé's that you can make tho


    Pleasant warmth / strength and floating through the night,
    Firstly, it's quite a pricey investment for what it is, and can be found much cheaper and stronger (100x) elsewhere, but it's wonderful quality and provides a couple of full nights. and developed dreams. Thanks :-)


    Berry good
    I try one time this product and just a little bit:it works very weel! Thanks Zamnesia!


    Felt a very mild sedative effect, mixed it with some morrocan and it was very relaxing. would buy again.


    perfetta !!!
    una liquirizia dal sapore forte , da sciolgliere in bocca lentamente !!!


    efficace et aphrodisiaque
    Mélanger cet extrait avec du vin ou un autre alcool ,commencer par des petites doses et lA SENSATION DE BIEN ETRE peut commencer . attention pour les personnes fragiles


    It tastes so good to me, reminds me of malt coffee. I infused 1g of the extract in hot water (tea like) stirred it around and drank it all up after around 12 mins.Im not sure wether it is just me but i felt slightly euphoric and definitely felt the aphrodisiac aspect of the blue lotus.Its a real helpful tool in bed if u need that slight edge, its as if you are forced to get yourself turned on.


    most times quite potent, combine with mate or guarana
    Most times I use it in combo with white lotus and tobacco I receive a mellow, eyes slightly clenched stoney feeling, which I combine with drinking mate for the energy. Otherwise it would make me sleepy.


    In my experience with this I found it to make cannabis a lot calmer and happier, I had the whole bag in tea alone then had a joint and I found it was noticeable enough, I think more would be better not much in the bag in my opinion but not bad product


    Traditional Egyptian use is to let it simmer in some wine for a few hours and then drink it. I made tea and felt quite the euphoria/dreamy state. Please do go easy on the dosage. My first try was with 2.5 grams and after it wore off my eyes were very puffy. I simply read everywhere that it doesn't work very well but i have to say it did very well. Even smoking a small dose produced some effect. I also mixed it with the aphrodisiac Mexican coffee Zamnesia sells and together these 2 substances can get your loins flowing quite... shall we say... heavily.


    I use it mixed with the petals so that the effect is more intense, but i strongly reccommend the flower first

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